The Recap Scroll

New to The Refraction of Princess Chroma? Former reader wanting to catch up? Current reader looking for a refresher on the overall plot? Whatever brought you here, the Recap Scroll is here! Let's see where we've been to understand where we are.

Chapter 1: Love, Joy, and Color

At the behest of Queen Juno, Leopold, a knight of Elysium, flies from his home realm to another dimension bearing a magical crystal with untold power, in search of a dangerous enemy and a heroic girl worthy of using to crystal’s power to vanquish their foe. He's instructed to seek out a girl who embodies "love, joy, and color."

Oh, and now he’s a rabbit. But he's immortal, so that probably won't inconvenience him too much, right?

The realm he has arrived in is Earth, drained of color, seeminly at no notice of the people living there. The girl has has sought out turns out to be June Summer, a middle-schooler who has no time or patience for talking rabbits from another dimension.

She's not exactly the paragon of love, joy, and color Leopold is looking for. But when a monster attacks and its very presence begins to destablize the fabric of reality, June concedes to play along.

She isn't interested in being a magical girl. She is however, willing to throw down. Regardless of whether throwing down is the productive choice of action. Bravado alone is a poor substitute for the noble qualities Leopold is seeking, but it seems the Elysium prism is responding to June. She must be the one he's searching for! If only he can convince her to drop the fisticuffs and use magic...!

With much prodding on Leopold's part and great reluctance from June, she uses the power of dance to tap into the Elysium prism, destroying the monster with ease. So she is the rumored Princess Chroma!

Victorious from battle, June takes the injured Leopold home to heal. Looks like things are off to a rough start...

Chapter 2: April, May, and June

June wakes up the next morning to see a miraculously healed Leopold, whom she dubs "Spiders." After an exchange of pleasantries (which, in June's case, means smashing him over the had with blunt weapons), June heads off to school and meets up with her friends.

Meet May Flowers and April Showers. April is the responsible one. May is the sweet one. And June is the...June one.

Immediately, June's friends note that something seems to be bothering her. Initially, June is hesitant to explain herself, and even after spitting it out, the girls figure June's just making things up. That is, until a Monochrome attacks during gym class, injuring April and enraging June! Backed into a corner, June has no choice but to use the Elysium Prism and assume the identity of Princess Chroma!

Secret identity? Bah.
With minimal effort, June takes out the enemy and returns to class. Everything's fine, right?


Chapter 3: Spiders and Webs

Another day, another failed attempt on Leopol--I mean--Spiders' part to teach June anything about her new powers. Although she doesn't object to getting into scraps with scary monsters, June doesn't take kindly to her friends getting hurt or her life being inconvenienced by interdimensional hijinks.

Luckily for June, it's the weekend, so she and May pay a visit to April to see if she's doing okay. Seems April has another guest in the house--and a somewhat clumsy one, at that. June, witnessing the accident, is her usual helpful self...

More alarmingly, it seems April's backyard has an infestation that has turned everything outside into a web-covered, pitch-black wasteland. So, y'know, almost as bad as having fire ants.

June manages to find the culprit, a spider Monochrome with a nasty temper. Fortunately, Leopold hasn't given up on June and comes to her rescue, along with some advice about her cutesy flower spell. It doesn't turn monsters to dust, it banishes them! But where do they go?

No time to worry about that, though. One disco-fabulous dance routine later, and the Showers family backyard is back to normal. And it looks like April's brother Sonny has taken notice!

Seems everybody but June is interested in the potential of her new powers. At the behest of her friends (really, they aren't gonna give her a choice here), she reluctantly agrees to keep playing along at least until all the Monochromes are gone.

Wait, who-?
Chapter Four: Friends, Foes, and Rivals

Looks like it's back to school today! June’s parents keep a very strict policy on making sure she gets to school on time. Don't worry, he never catches up to her. Usually.

While June heads to class, Leo meets Cordelia, the Not-Yet-A-Teenager Witch. She can talk to animals, make magic powder, and has a wand that can transform into just about anything.

She's also almost lethally accident-prone.

It's become a universal law in life that June can't have five minutes of peace. Right in the middle of their lunch break, she and her friends are attacked by a banana monster (yes, really)! And June...well, let's just say she's had enough.



Before June can take things too far, a seemingly unheard voice cries out and June's powers suddenly vanish, leaving the Elysium Prism inert and June unconscious.

Chapter Five: A Recipe for Disaster

So, you thought “Princess Chroma” was just a title?

As it turns out, the real Princess Chroma was very much a real person, as well as the source of the earth's current Monochrome problem! That's right, Chroma is the one who originally created The Shade!

Fortunately for the young princess, Leopold (a mere plumber in the royal castle at the time) comes to her rescue, turning her summoned familiar into a pathetic little imp. The frightened princess is able to banish him from her dimension using a...familiar-looking spell.

This is it, the apocalypse [oh-whoa-ohh~]

Having regained consciousness, but not her powers, June awakens to a ruined world. The consequences for her recklessness are far more dire than anybody could have ever expected. Cordelia and Leopold, the only ones with magic at the moment, create some emergency protective spells, but they're hardly enough to fix a disaster this big.

After a brief argument, Cordelia agrees to put aside her annoyances with June and Sonny and devises a way to traverse this brave her world of theirs. But where will they go if there is nowhere left to go?

How did everything go so wrong? It all goes back to Chroma. After the fallout from her accidental summoning ritual, she gets an earful from her older brother, the king of Elysium, who fears that when the people discover who it was that unleashed a torrent of Monochromes on their world, they might call for the princess's head. However, Leopold is quick to come to her defense.

Circumstances being what they are, the king formulates a plan...

...a plan that will require a teacher for the troublemaking princess...

...a very, very, ill-prepared teacher.

Chapter Six: Reputation

Deep in the halls of the castle, a mysterious hooded figure approaches a roped-off door. Before the intruder can so much as touch the handle, a bristling Leopold stands in the way, demanding she leave. Instead, she removes her hood and introduces herself...

But enough about the past. We have present issues to attend to. And presently, June is feeling the pressure...

It turns out flying aimlessly into an empty void is, in fact, much less safe than it sounds. The kids are forced to beat a hasty retreat!

But not before losing a couple passengers.

The rest of the kids crash land, shattering Cordelia's magic wand and stranding them. Furious at the hapless witch for letting June fall, Sonny throws a couple bags of magic powder at Cordelia and May, turning them into-

But this is no time for fighting. April steps in and gives the bickering pair no quarter. The end of the world comes first, and they have friends to rescue.

Oh. Nevermind, somebody already found June.

How did it come to this? Again, we turn to the past, as Princess Chroma clumsily makes her debut banishing her first Monochrome (second if you count The Shade). Leopold isn't too pleased with the princess making a show of herself, but it's all part of the plan.

Brunswick, wanting to protect his sister's reputation and her life, instructs her to keep using her powers but only under the most innocuous, cutesy presentation. If she looks like a hero, surely everyone will assume she is, even if all she's really doing is fixing her own mistake! Furious with Brunswick's manipulative plan, Leopold declares that he will protect Chroma from anybody who doesn't have her best interests at heart.

But history, it seems, has little kindness for mere good intentions.

Chapter Seven: Breakthrough

Back in the present, Leopold finds himself in captivity, injured, and hallucinating. Pull yourself together, Leo! The kids need you!

Uh. Maybe dial it back a little, though.

On second thought, hurry the **** up.

Now seems like a good time for a flashback! Juno Regent, historian and now temporary queen, summons Leopold in the royal library to ask his advice on how to be a well-regarded queen who can properly serve her people. Surely she has no ulterior motives? Unfortunately for her, she has a knack for getting on Leo's bad side.

Speaking of Leo, looks like he's managed to get the kid's attention during his battle with the spider horde. And it seems the kids have found an unexpected ally in Okrathulhu!

Armed with nothing but their (lack of) wits, June's missing jacket, and a ransom note from The Shade, the hapless group presses on in hopes of rescuing June.
She's probably gonna be waiting a while.

Chapter Eight: Familiar Enemy

While the others are on their way, June finds herself face-to-face (and quite unintimidated) with The Shade himself. Surprisingly, The Shade isn't here to attack June, but to ask her to order him around! June, however, is having none of it.

Annoyed with her uncooperativeness, Cupcake (as June likes to call him) pulls out his trump card...

But just when things are looking bad, the others show up and take him out of the picture!

Way to go, Okrathulhu! Now that Cupcake is out of the picture, everything is...well, it's still bad. The world seems to still be in shambles and there don't seem to be any signs of surviors. But, on the bright side, at least the gang's back together again and if the orange tint is anything to go by, June seems to have access to her magic once more.

With Earth destroyed, it seems there is no choice but to leave this dimension. While Cordelia devises a protective spell to keep everyone safe during the trip through time and space, Leopold takes advantage of the momentary peace to impart some long-overdue information about Princess Chroma and the nature of the powers June has been given.

Okrathulhu! No!!

Cupcake is back, badder and madder than ever! He traps the other kids and Leopold and puts June to an ultimatum. But June, at a loss for how to fight back and tapped out even on her previously seemingly bottomless well of anger, decides to take a different approach. If casting spells makes things worse, perhaps breaking a spell would...

In a flash of blinding light, the kids find themselves back in the schoolyard with everything...apparently back to normal. It seems even time has stood still, and the lunch bell rings, calling the kids back to class. An exhausted June opts to go home, pretending to be ill. In sense, perhaps she is...

As much as he'd like to encourage June, Leopold can't seem to find the words. No matter how he considers it, his failures as a mentor have led her to this point.
Things can't go on like this. Something has to change.

Chapter Nine: A Stall to Arms

It's early the next morning, and so far, everything seems normal again. After the traumatic events in the void, June and Leo finally sit down and have a little heart-to-heart. It seems underneath all that bravado and aggression, June has a lot of hidden insecurities and worries, and the current situation only makes it harder for her to-

Oh. ‘Kay, then. Bye.

Good talk.

Chapter Ten: Hero of Justice

Let’s hit the rewind button. Okay, so Leo has been whisked away by Cordelia and June’s…feeling a little down. Nothing a little fresh air can’t fix, right?

See? She’s feeling better already!

...or not? June seems a bit...moody today.

I-I’m seeing double!

That's right, it seems a doppelganger by the name of Hero of Justice is on the prowl! Our familiar-looking newcomer might be nicer than June, too. Sure, Hero's a little overly perky and maybe a bit naive, but maybe this isn't so bad...?

Oh, come on!
Chapter Eleven: Fantoccini
Meanwhile, we catch up with Leopold and Cordelia. The sky’s been looking a little…low-res lately. And Cordelia know exactly why that is!

Alarmed by this revelation, Leopold agrees to investigate. The glamour is covered by a forcefield, but Leopold has little trouble phasing through it and behind the glamour, they find...well, nothing.

Well, almost nothing.

Trapped in the dark with nothing but snarky witch and his own thoughts, Leopold’s mind turns to the past once again, and his somewhat…complicated relationship with the newly-appointed Queen Regent, Juno. It seems the queen has been earnestly doing everything she can to get on his last nerve. During his latest visit to her private study, she makes a claim so outragous, Leopold can no longer abide the slander.

He knows he's being baited, but Leopold refuses to let Juno's claim go unchallenged.

Within the tomb of his long-dead princess, Leopold finally breaks down and confesses to Juno why he's kept her actions a secret all these years.

Juno, seemingly overcome with pity, drops the teasing and consoles Leopold, assuring him that despite her constant provocation, she only wants to help. He's not entirely convinced of this, but decides, if nothing else, she probably means no harm. In his distress, he neither notices Juno quietly stealing the enshrined Elysium Prism, nor that Juno hides some powerful magic of her own...

And Juno isn't the only one who has figured out the secret of what hides within the prism.

Chapter Twelve: Chroma's Beacon

While Leo and Cordelia rush toward the source of the light, June, it seems has found a way to put her make-and-break spell combo to good use...

…and it worked? Huh. Shame about her hair, though.

With a moment to finally catch their breath, the kids discuss what to do next. Although June certainly seems more reluctant to throw around dangerous spells on a whim, the fact of the matter is that every spell she casts is still dangerous, and Leopold hasn't given her nearly enough information. Realizing that the Elysium Prism has a mind of its own, the kids start to consider a...concerning possibility.

So where is Leopold during this conversation? Looks like he and Cordelia had a nasty crash landing back into reality. And although nothing can do any real damage to Leopold, Cordelia is only human.

As much as he'd like to get back on track, it looks like Cordelia is in need of some help, and a lift back home. June will have to wait.

The Grim Reaper would know how to talk to a ghost, right? Surely he'll be willing to lend June a hand.

Chapter Thirteen: Facets, Part 1

While June is, uh, dead, Leopold returns Cordelia home. And she is soooo grounded. But hey, as long as we’re here, let’s meet the family! You have time, right Leo?

Welcome to…Hell? Heaven?


With her soul pulled into the Elysium Prism, June is finally able to get some answers from Princess Chroma herself about the situation. Why is Cupcake calling June her master? Why can't anybody else take him down? Chroma explains that she and June are in the same, counterparts from different universes. Cupcake will answer to no other, but how can June possibly force Cupcake to stand down? And why is Chroma's soul trapped inside the prism? More answers are needed.

Meanwhile, Leopold figures out who is behind the glamour in the sky, and why it was put there. But is it really for the best? Considering the conspiracies he himself has taken part in, perhaps he has no right to judge.

But now isn't the time to wait around. Fed up and still determined to find June, Leopold sets off at long last.

Chapter Fourteen: Facets, Part 2

You know how girls are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice and boys are made from snips, snails, and puppy dog tails? Well, Hero of Justice is made from…

When Cupcake asked for the "antithesis" of June, by golly, he got it! And he's far from happy about it. Hero is quick to raise some concerns, but it seems victory alone is not Cupcake's ultimate goal. If he can't have things his way, it's not a way worth doing!

Whiel Cupcake works out a new scheme, Chroma reveals the reason her soul has been trapped inside the prism all this time. It was a failed attempt to become a lich! Chroma’s plans never seem to work out. But then again, when a vital part of your plan involves killing yourself, it’s usually not a good sign…

…especially when somebody as clumsy as Chroma is at the helm.

June, meanwhile, expresses some of her major concerns with the current state of things.

Although June could use her banishment spell to simply send Cupcake to another dimension, she is very hesitant to accept that option. Understandable, considering that Chroma's own careless use of banishment is what led Earth to this situation to begin. Despite her fears, June is determined not to pass along the problem to somebody else. Chroma proposes an alternative solution...

Of course, that plan can't be set into motion is June is dead. Fortunately, it seems the Grim Reaper is willing to pretend its Opposite Day today.

June awakens to her concerned parents, alive but at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, in Yet Another Flashback! Leopold, some time after showing Juno Chroma's tomb, is reading a book in the garden. June approaches, intending to reveal some important information to him. Not certain what his reaction will be, even with the voices of the dead to advise her, she approaches him with caution.

Unfortunately, Juno chooses to keep her secrets close to the chest just a little longer. Perhaps too long.

But it can't be helped, when the truth can be so terrifying...

And that’s all the recap you’ll need. The story isn’t over yet, though! Pick up where things left off here.