Links To Stuff I Like


How many of you are curious about what websites and comics I like to visit during my spare time? Don't answer that. But just on the off chance you are interested, here they are.


Sites I Frequent


TvTropes: If you're even remotely nerdy, which I suspect you are if you're reading webcomics, chances are you'll love this site. It's a massive wiki cataloging various storytelling elements and how they are used in media and the arts. I've even added a page or two to the wiki myself.


Vas Littlecrow: A blog site created by one of the most interesting people I know, about some of the most interesting things you will ever read regarding life, art, politics, and culture. Also check out the linked site, Velvet Rasputin, which has a ton of useful advice for artists, among other goodness. Some content may be NSFW.


Comic Underdogs: A webcomic community I've been a part of since near its beginning. It's a great place to check out if you want to meet other webcomic creators or find some webcomics you might not otherwise notice. You can also visit the reddit page.


Doll Divine: An incredibly useful little site that features tons and tons of virtual dollmakers. I use these games to help me design new characters and come up with ideas on how they should look and dress. They're such a great resource!


My Favorite Webcomics


I read dozens upon dozens of webcomics. For some, I'm a regular reader, and for others, I let the archives build and binge it later. It would take forever to list everything I read. This is just a short list of some of my very favorite comics, the ones I get extra-excited about whenever I see them update.


Atomic Fist Punch


Atomic Fist Punch: A brother and sister fight evil robots in order to save their dad. Stylish art, fun action, and made for all ages.


Awkward Zombie

Awkward Zombie: A fun gaming comic that pokes fun at the illogical rules that govern the world of video games.


Blitz Phoenix

Blitz Phoenix: A boy is experimented on and given superpowers by his abusive mad scientist mother. Will he be resigned to his fate as a living lab rat, or is there something greater in his future?


Brawl in the Family

Brawl in the Family: The first webcomic that ever came to my attention. It's another gaming comic, this one Nintendo-centric. It's cute and often unabashedly corny. Completed, yet still dear to my heart.



Comatose: Highly complex with very professional mangaesque art, this comic follows the psychological battles of Jack Phoenix though the worlds of the Subconscious, Conscious, and Unconscious.


Clockwork Atrium

Clockwork Atrium: A group of students are forced into a deadly game of human chess against their will. Violence and bloodshed are par for the course, but their worst enemy might just be themselves. Currently on a long hiatus.


Cucumber Quest

Cucumber Quest: Cucumber, a young boy studying to be a wizard, is called upon to save the world. He's sort of stuck with the job. Unbelievably cute and full of heart.


Damsels Don't Wear Glasses

Damsels Don't Wear Glasses: Lave Faraday is stuck with the job of cleaning up supernatural messes in Persephone. It's a thankless job, but she's a determined woman with nerves of steel. For a job like this, she'll need it.


Demon Archives

Demon Archives: A post-apocalyptic science fiction following Tenzin, a mercenary with a disturbed past and an uncertain future. The comic comes with a set of short stories giving more explanation to the setting, one of which I helped write. The site also does comic reviews, interviews, and other extras well worth looking at.


Groovy, Kinda

Groovy, Kinda: What happens when you take a cast of complicated peopleand put them into complicated relationships? Hilarity, of course! An anachronic romantic comedy with robots, librarians, and the cutest cephalopod on the internt. Updates sporadically. You can also read it on Tapastic.


I Killed the Hero?!

I Killed the Hero?!: Ultimate Destiny 2 needs a Hero to save the world. Too bad an NPC killed him. But it's not Game Over yet...


I'm My Own Mascot

I'm My Own Mascot: A fun gag-a-day comic featuring Kevin Bolk and his friends in their daily lives, struggles, and limitless quirks. A number of other interesting side-comics are also featured alongside this comic, all well worth checking out.


I, Mummy

I, Mummy: A cool steampunk comic about a girl who is turned into a mummy by a mysterious and sinster curse. As she searches for the reasons behind her death--and her new supernatural powers--she also uncovers the dark secrets of the society around her. Also available on Tapastic.


It's a Hard Life

It's A Hard Life: Quite possibly the best Nuzlocke comic I've ever seen. Robin is kicked out of her home and forced to fend for herself while struggling to protect her Pokemon, but the world is a cruel place. Updates in sporadic chunks. Updates sporadically.


There Will Always be Dragons: From the same creator as It's a Hard Life. Beautiful watercolor-style comic about a medieval world inhabited by dragons of all shapes and sizes. A mercenary and a noblewoman find themselves travelling together and struggling to understand each other and their views of the world.


M9 Girls!

M9 Girls!: Four college girls are caught up in an experiment that grants them superpowers derived from the cosmic energy of the universe. How will they handle these new powers, and who's responsible for everything that's happened to them? Either way, at least they'll look fabulous! Available in English and Spanish.


Mad Dog

Mad Dog: The adventures of Mad Dog and Spot, going on whatever hijinks happens to be funniest at the moment. Takes its art cues from John K., its humor from pop culture, and its character chemistry from Looney Tunes. Updates sporadically.


Manly Guys Doing Manly Things

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things: Have you ever wondered how your typical ubermanly action hero would handle everyday life? Not surprisingly, things don't go all that smoothly. Luckily, there's an agency led by a SpaceFuture marine made for guys like that...



Mokepon: The world of Pokemon is rife with lifelong friendships, ambition for greatness, and random encounters. This guy wants none of it. Possibly the funniest darned parody of Pokemon I've ever seen.


October 20th

October 20th: Every year on the 20th of October, one person from a group singled out by a curse is killed by a mysterious being. Now, only two survivors remain, struggling to find answers and change their fates before it's too late. Suspenseful and full of emotion.


We Are The Wyrecats

We Are The Wyrecats: A dystopian superhero comic about a team of special-needs students who tries and failed to make the world a better place. A follow-up comic to the completed Ruby Nation.


StarPunch Girl

StarPunch Girl: An absolutely gorgeously illustrated webcomic told almost entirely through images. Why did the dinosaurs go extinct? Why are we here? What kind of life exists elsewhere in the universe? A girl from beyond the stars knows the answer. Updates sporadically.



Strays: A mute bounty hunter reluctantly takes charge of a young orphan, who has a very disturbed past. The comic has a superb fantasy setting with magic, deadly secrets, adventure, and animal people. Completed.



Scurry: A post-apocalyptic epic following a colony of mice trying to survive after the apparent collapse of civilization. Features amazing art and food chains. Lots and lots of food chains.



Vatican Assassins: A Catholic-themed action comic about a team of young covert officers fighting the forces of Hell under the employ of the Vatican. Recently rebooted in golorious Technicolor.


Beauty and the Beast: Hands-down the best comic book adaptation of Beauty and the Beast I have ever seen. Weaves in lots of classical references, interesting character development, and angst.


Heavy Metal Sailor Moon: A much more serious take on Sailor Moon. An adult Usagi, having fled her home country after failing to save her friend and Luna, is now thrown into a dangerous battle against corrupting, demonic forces. Her enemies are deadly and her allies forbidding. 


Heart of Keol: A story of adventure and personal crisis. Ethan Norme is pulled into a strange world that resembles an old-world Korea rife with social unrest. Beautiful, unique art.


Once Stung: A slightly screwy superhero parody comic with a wonderfully dry sense of humor. A superhero with a spiderman-eqsue orgin story becomes the Queen Bee and fights some truly bizarre and hilarious villains. Currently on hiatus.


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