Watering Whole in Fantoccini
28th Feb 2017, 12:00 AM
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Watering Whole

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28th Feb 2017, 12:00 AM

Well that was a quick rescue.

28th Feb 2017, 4:09 PM

Love all the distortion effects. I felt like I was sinking into a watery grave as I read this. Can't imagine how Leo and Cordelia feel.

1st Mar 2017, 10:09 PM

I'd imagine Cordelia is feeling quite breathless.

5th Mar 2017, 8:21 PM

Hey, my friend. Sorry for my absence lately... I needed a little break from CF.

I'm back now though and all caught up. Leo is pretty much the best bunny character ever created. I like his character a lot.

Also, the only bad thing about being caught up is I now have nothing to read and must wait for new updates. #Thestruggle.

5th Mar 2017, 9:28 PM

Hey, great to hear from you! And no worries, man. We all need to get away.

19th Mar 2017, 11:04 PM

Yes! Yes! Hells to the yes!

20th Mar 2017, 12:22 PM

So what you're saying is this page was a major letdown, right?

17th Jun 2017, 10:23 AM

I wouldn't worry too much. Kids love to get slimed.

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