The Cast of The Refraction of Princess Chroma


JuneJune Summer

Favorite color: Red
Favorite food: Spaghetti
Birthday: March 18
Likes: Violence, Blood Grudge, disco
Dislikes: Girly things, nagging
Spirit Animal: Dragons--no, sharks! No wait, tarantulas! Sharkrantulas? Sharkrantulas
that are also dragons? Yeah, that!
Bio: Violent, defiant tomboy June Summer is the last person any (sane) person would imagine as a Magical Girl, but the world’s a beggar and doesn’t get a choice. Though she'd rather do almost anything else, she's certainly tough enough to face the Monochromes head-on. June often gets carried away in the heat of battle and makes careless mistakes. Despite her shortcomings, June cares a lot about her friends and wants to protect them. In light of her recent failures, she's struggling to rein in her violent impulses, but she has a long way to go. Her weapon of choice is the morning star. She insists on calling them maces and nobody dares to correct her on that.

Leopold and SpidersLeopold "Spiders" Gryphon

Favorite color: Maybe
Favorite food: Probably
Birthday: Annually
Likes: Scarcely
Dislikes: Plenty
Spirit Animal: Take a wild guess.
Bio: Leopold is a knight of Elysium who personally knew and mentored Chroma long ago. Centuries later, sent to Earth by Queen Juno, he found himself in Randem City in the form of a white lop-eared rabbit, searching for a new person to take up Chroma's duties. He's been stuck attempting to mentor June ever since with...mixed results. With the amount of abuse he puts up with, it sure is a good thing he’s immortal.


ChromaPrincess Chroma Elysium I

Favorite color: Yellow
Favorite food: Pie
Birthday: E.E. 542
Likes: Magic, baking
Dislikes: Confrontation
Spirit Animal: Shades, apparently...?
Bio: The original Princess Chroma, who first fought Monochromes and possessed powerful (and very dangerous) magic. Under Leopold’s guidance, Chroma trained her powers so she could vanquish the Monochromes and one day defeat Cupcake, but it seems she’s left behind some unfinished business for June to clean up. Now, all that’s left of her is a certain magical amulet with the memory of her spells inside it. 

CupcakeThe Shade Cupcake

Favorite color: None of them
Favorite food: Revenge, served cold
Birthday: E.E. 553
Likes: Chaos, world domination
Dislikes: Light, color, Leopold
Spirit Animal: A cake
Bio: The Shade Cupcake has had an axe to grind since the day he first appeared. His black magic can ravage landscapes in a matter of seconds, but he seems to be vulnerable to light. Thanks to the power of the Monochromes, Earth’s light is slowly being drained in order to make it more hospitable for him. In spite of his considerable powers, he is dead-set on having a suitable master to command him. Of course, his ideal master is one that orders him to do exactly what he orders them to order him to do...

AprilApril Showers

Favorite color: Green
Favorite food: Licorice
Birthday: January 13
Likes: Reading, conversation
Dislikes: Recklessness, puns
Spirit animal: Fox
Bio: April is a tragically sane person in an insane world. She's fairly mature for her age and also one of the few people who can keep June in line. April is serious and rational, always trying to figure out the best way to handle things. When things get hairy, she's often the one to step up and handle the situation, whether the others like it or not. April has very little patience for dumb puns, mainly due to her parents’ questionable taste in names.

SonnySonny Showers

Favorite color: Yellow
Favorite food: MLG Dew
Birthday: January 13
Likes: Video games
Dislikes: Losing
Spirit Animal: King Ghidorah
Bio: Sonny has a rather silly and playful temperament compared to his twin sister, April. He's an unabashed geek and especially loves video games, for which he has a bit of a competitive streak. He does tend to let his competitive side get the best of him, but he's a nice kid at heart. He also has a tendency to act on video game logic, which, luckily for him, often turns out to be similar to Magical Girl logic. At times, it may seem like Sonny's living in his own little world. That's probably because he's pressed the Pause button.

MayMay Flowers

Favorite color: Pink
Favorite food: Sweets. All of them.
Birthday: July 19
Likes: Cute things, smiling, Randall
Dislikes: Fighting
Spirit Animal: Teddy bear
Bio: Sweet, bubbly May always has a kind word and a ready smile. She can get along with almost anybody no matter the circumstances and always tries to look on the bright, cuddly side of things, offering as much help and encouragement as she possibly can. She also has a rather inconsistent sense of danger. While she does have her moments of surprising insight, she's just as likely to walk right into a trap without a single care. May has an incurable sweet tooth and almost always has a stash of sweets on her.

CordeliaCordelia Si Wol

Favorite color: Indigo
Favorite food: Pickles
Birthday: October 30
Likes: Witchcraft, animals
Dislikes: Being laughed at
Spirit Animal: His name's Richard.
Bio: Cordelia is a talented witch with the power to craft magic potions, wield a transforming wand, talk to animals, and cast a variety of useful spells. She can be a difficult person to get along with, making her a tough ally to keep around, despite her talents. While she certainly wants nothing to do with Cupcake's evil plot, her habit of dispensing antagonism at the worst possible times can make it hard to tell whose side she's on.

RandallRandall March O'Hare

Favorite color: Brown
Favorite food: Chocolate
Birthday: 1-8
Likes: Music, dogs, apathy
Dislikes: Comic books, cliches, melaredblu
Spirit Animal: Mule. Wait, what? Oh. Real funny, mela.
Bio: I can write my own bio, thank you very much. Buzz off.
So yeah, the name’s Randall and I hate being in this comic. My entire existence is a bad joke. 
The only solace I have is that everybody's else's like sucks too. Especially Leo. I'd say I'm glad I'm not him, but I technically sort of am, seeing as I'm basically Earth's version of Leopold, just without all the immortality and magic powers and good looks and ability to fly know what? I take it back. Nobody has it worse than me.
Oh yeah, I can break the fourth wall. Did I mention that? I probably mentioned that.

Hero of JusticeHero of Justice

Favorite color: Pink
Favorite food: ???
Birthday: Yes
Likes: Posing dramatically, training manuals
Dislikes: Bad guys
Spirit Animal: Butterflies of Justice
Bio: An apparent doppelganger who looks exactly like June, but couldn't be more opposite in temperament. Unlike June, who is cynical and volatile, Hero of Justice is a hammy, good-natured goody two-shoes. But where on earth did this mysterious imposter come from, and why...?




King Brunswick Elysium

Favorite color: Red
Favorite food: Spiced tea
Birthday: E.E. 496
Likes: Order
Dislikes: Gossip
Spirit Animal: What nonsense.
Bio: A past King of Elysium and Chroma’s elder brother. Brunswick was poised, serious, and scrutinizing, devising detailed plans for any situation. His responsibilities as a monarch demanded he place his kingdom above all else, but he cared very much for his sister and did his best to ensure her well-being. Unlike Chroma, Brunswick did not possess any magical abilities.

JunoQueen Juno Regent

Favorite color: Gold
Favorite food: Brioche
Birthday: O.E.E. 453
Likes: History, Secrets
Dislikes: This confounded hair!
Spirit Animal: Ghost cats
Bio: Elegant and composed, Queen Juno is the current reigning monarch and the one who sent Leopold to Earth in the first place. Among other things, Juno also is a noted historian and scholar. Her personal life, much like her motivations, is something of a mystery. Juno is not a member of the royal family, but rather a temporary ruler who volunteered for the job after the entire royal family ran away to join the circus. Despite that, the citizens of Elysium hold her in the highest esteem, with the exception of a certain plumber/knight...


Favorite color: Black
Favorite food: Souls
Likes: Shuffling mortal coils, looming menacingly, the ladies
Dislikes: Tardiness, bad hair days
Spirit Animal: Cerberus
Bio: The Grim Reaper himself, Julio is a part-time resident of the Summer household, tasked with making sure June does her homework and gets to school on time. This is every bit as terrifying as it sounds and Julio is one of the very few capable of inspiring fear in June. When he’s not keeping June in line or sending mortals to their eternal sleep, Julio does as he pleases. He’s got a thing for educated ladies--much like a zombie, he likes them for their brains.